Mission and Goals



The Angolan Banks Association has the purpose to represent their members before the entities that are responsible for the development of economic policy and for the definition of the regulatory framework in which the banking activity is developed, thereby contributing to the improvement of the quality of banking service and establishing a formative and informative role, which will lead to a better relationship between the banks and their customers.

Social Objectives

The objectives of ABANC are:

  • To promote and perform all acts that could contribute to the technical, economic and social progress of its members’ activities;
  • To pursuit and defend its members’ interests before any public or private, national or foreign entities;
  • To represent the interests of its members as well as to promote the conditions conducive to responsible business among its members;
  • To prepare and promote the study on economic, financial and technical subjects, affecting the science of banking or any other areas related to the banking business; 
  • To collaborate with any other professional organization (local or foreign) ;
  • To collaborate with the Instituto de Formação Bancária de Angola (IFBA) and other education institutions to promote the development of capacities;
  • To promote activities in the field of banking protection and security;
  • To intervene as an arbitrator or appoint experts when requested;
  • To help, by providing services or rendering information to its members in areas that integrate ABANC’s social object.