Financial System

Financial System Model


The current Angola’s financial system framework, approved by Law No. 13/05, of September 30, classifies financial institutions into two types: banking financial institutions, which are the banks in general, and non-banking financial institutions.

Institutions under the jurisdiction of the Banco Nacional de Angola (National Bank of Angola - BNA):

  • Banks;
  • Exchange bureau;
  • Credit Cooperative;
  • Factoring Companies;
  • Financial Leasing Companies;
  • Foreign Exchange and Monetary Markets Brokers;
  • Microcredit Societies;
  • Payment Companies;
  • Interbank Payments Clearinghouse societies under the Angola Payment System Law;
  • Other companies that are classified as such by law.

Institutions under the jurisdiction of the Comissão de Mercado de Capitais (Capital Market Commission - CMC):

  • Securities Brokers;
  • Venture Capital Companies;
  • Exchange and securities dealer companies;
  • Holding Companies (HOLDINGS);
  • Investment Companies;
  • Asset Management Companies;
  • Investment Funds Management Companies;
  • Securitization Funds Management Companies;
  • Real Estate Investment Management Companies;
  • Systems operating Companies or Clearing Chambers and Securities Settlement in compliance of Angola Payment System;
  • Other companies classified as such by law.