Regulative and Legislative Framework



Jan-2018 Presidential Decree No. 2/18 Approval of the Organic Statute of the Financial Information Unit (UIF) (revokes Presidential Decree No. 39/17 and Presidential Decree No. 212/13)
Jan-2018 Presidential Decree no. 4/18 Amendment of the Organic Statute of the Fundo Soberano de Angola (FSDEA - Sovereign Fund of Angola) (amends article 8 (composition and appointment) of Presidential Decree no. 89/13)
Jan-2018 Instruction no. 01/2018 Foreign Currency Purchase and Sale Auctions - Participation Procedures (revokes Instruction no.10/2015)
Jan-2018 Instruction no. 02/2018 Procedures to be observed in the Execution of Foreign Exchange Transactions
Jan-2018 Instruction no. 03/2018 Exchange Rate Regime
Jan-2018 Instruction no. 04/2018 Monetary Policy - Development Bank Liquidity Providing Operations (revokes Instruction no. 13/2015)
Jan-2018 Notice no. 01/2018 Limit to Foreign Currency Position
Jan-2018 Directive no. 01/DSI/DRO/DMA/2018 Foreign Exchange Position Limit
Mar-2018 Notice no. 02/2018 Adequacy of Minimum capital and Regulatory Own Funds for Banking Institutions
Mar-2018 Notice no. 03/2018 Minimum Banking Services
Mar-2018 Notice no. 04/2018 Alteration of the wording of Article 12 of Notice No. 09/17 of 12 September on Infringements
Abr-2018 Directive no. 01/ DCC/2018 Submission of Information regarding Maps of Foreign Exchange Needs
Mai-2018 Instruction No. 05 / 2018 Mandatory reserves
Jun-2018 Instrution No. 06 / 2018 Limits of Foreign Exchange Operations on Family Assistance
Jun-2018 Instrutivo No. 07 / 2018 Creation of an Independent Function of Exchange Control in Banking Institutions

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