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The site is managed by the Angolan Banks Association (ABANC) with the aim of disseminating information of its activities and on matters which fall within the scope of activity of the Banking and Financial System. The site also has the purpose of contributing to a better understanding of the importance of the financial system in the economy, by providing information in order to better understand the banking sector, its operation, the role it plays in the society, as well as contributing actively to the financial education of Angolan society.

These Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are designed to establish the terms and conditions governing access to information and content available on the site The access, navigation or the use of site constitutes acceptance of these conditions by the User.

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Intellectual Property Rights

The information on this site, which is the responsibility of ABANC, may, unless otherwise expressly indicated, be copied, imported or used free of charge either for personal use or public use, provided it is always clearly identified the source of information. The use of this information shall not, under any circumstances, be for profit, offensive or unlawful. The information obtained through links to other portals, managed by third parties, shall be used in accordance with the norms of use contained therein.


Existing content on this site is available in Portuguese and English, without guarantees or commitment assumed by ABANC regarding the accuracy of the translation.

The information provided is of a general nature and is designed to improve the understanding of the sector. It does not constitute, regardless of the form it takes, advise or recommendations to buy or sell investment products, financial instruments or financial services, not dismissing the resource of specialists if necessary.

Thus, the ABANC assumes no responsibility for any losses or damages to property or persons which may arise, directly or indirectly, from the use of the information, and the User of the site has the sole and exclusive responsibility for all decisions taken based on that information.

The ABANC is not responsible for the quality or accuracy of the statements contained in the places where hypertext links refer, also called "hiperlinks" or "links" present on this site. The ABANC does not exercise any control over the content, products and services offered by third parties via links inserted in the site.


The ABANC develops the best efforts to ensure the updating and accuracy of all information made available on the site However, we do not guarantee that the information provided is permanently updated and accurate.

The visualization of legal provisions on the site does not dispense consultation with the law in force, officially approved and published in the editions and original media (in particular in the Diário da República).

All information and, in general, the contents on the site can be changed without notice.


The only information collected and stored during normal use of the site is the typical information from the server activity, which is used to generate statistics and measure activity on the site for the benefit of its users.

The confidentiality of the identity of the visitor/user is assured, requiring the user’s consent for the use of information concerning him. However, the ABANC reserves the right to identify users and start legal procedures applicable, when illegal acts are committed.
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At any time if the user decides not to receive further information, he should communicate that fact to ABANC, through the email

The ABANC will ensure the conservation and maintenance of the data collected until the user instructs otherwise, or until the law requires its disposal.

Any attempt to change the content and/or load information, or any other action that may cause damage and/or jeopardize the integrity of the system are strictly prohibited and shall be punished according to the law in force.


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Applicable Law

This site is governed by Angolan law.

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