Getting to know Banking

Minimum Banking Services



In 2009, the Banco Nacional de Angola started a financial education program, which aims to allow the access of the low-income population to banking services through products and services designed to meet the needs of this segment. With lower access conditions, users can open accounts with identification documents other than the identity card, provided that it is validated by the adherent bank.

The Bankita products include Conta Depósito Bankita (deposit account) and Conta Poupança Bankita a Crescer (savings account), ensuring the ownership of a deposit account, the access to a Multicaixa debit card without bank fees and expenses, or payment of charges within the Multicaixa network.

BNA signed an adhesion agreement to this financial education program with banks BPA, BCGTA, BMA, BANC, BPC, BCI, BCA, BFA, BIC, BRK, BNI, SOL and BMF, in an effort to increase the informed access of banking services.