Regulative and Legislative Framework





Apr-07 Notice No. 01/2007 Regulation of Activities of Issuance, Acceptance and Use of Bank Card (Repealed by Notice No. 9/11).
Apr-07 Notice No. 02/2007 Establishes the Obligation of Gross Septlement (operation by operation) in SPTR of Interbank Transfers by BNA.
Sep-07 Notice No. 04/2007 Minimum Limits of Capital Stock and Equity.
Sep-07 Notice nº 05/2007 Regulatory Solvency Ratio (RSR).
Sep-07 Notice nº 06/2007

Limit of Foreign Exchange Risk Exposure (Repealed by Notice No. 5/10).

Sep-07 Notice nº 07/2007 Fixed AsSeps Limit (Repealed by Notice No. 6/2011).
Sep-07 Notice nº 08/2007

Limit of Credit Risk Exposure.

Sep-07 Notice nº 09/2007 Classification of Credit and Financial Leasing Operations (Repealed by Notice No. 4/09).
Sep-07 Notice nº 10/2007 Monetary Restatement (Repealed by Notice No. 2/09).
Sep-07 Notice nº 11/2007 Tangible Fixed AsSep Reevaluation.
Sep-07 Notice nº 12/2007

Requirements and Procedures for Abroad Branches Installation and for Participation in Financial Institutions.

Sep-07 Notice nº 13/2007 Establishes the Requirements and Procedures for the Establishment of Financial Institutions and Repeal of Respective authorization.
Sep-07 Notice nº 14/2007 Consolidated Financial Statements.
Sep-07 Notice nº 15/2007 Communication of Financial Statements.
Sep-07 Notice nº 16/2007

Delay in Submission of Periodic Information to BNA.

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