Regulative and Legislative Framework





Instruction No. 01/2010 Procedure Change for Current Invisible Operations.
Apr-10 Instruction No. 02/2010 Chart of Accounts - Coexistence of PCIF and CONTIF until June 30.
Jun-10 Instruction No. 03/2010 Changes the Mandatory Reserves Calculation (coefficient NC 25% and 15% FC).
Apr-10 Instruction No. 04/2010 Procedures Change for the Purchase and Sale of Foreign Currency in BNA Sessions.
Apr-10 Directive 10/DGR/10 to 12/DGR/10 Update of Procedures for the Preparation of Currency Auctions.
Jul-10 Law No. 12/2010 Money Laundering and Combat against Terrorism Financing Law.
Aug-10 Presidential Decree No. 186/10

General State Budget Framework.


Notice No. 01/2010 Implementation of Central de Informação e Risco de Crédito (Central of Information and Credit Risk – CIRC) (Repealed by Notice No. 2/2010).
Oct-10 Instruction No. 05/2010 Rules for the Functioning of CIRC.
Oct-10 Directive No. 11/DSP/10

Adjusts the Calculation procedures and adequates the Control Methodology of the Mandatory Reserves.

Oct-10 Notice No. 02/2010 Implementation of CIRC (Revokes Notice No. 01/2010).
Nov-10 Notice No. 03/2010 Foreign Exchange Currency Policy - Import, Export and Re-export of Bank Notes, Coins and Traveller Checks.
Nov-10 Notice No. 04/2010 Regulation on the Marginal Lending Facility.
Nov-10 Notice No. 05/2010

Amendment to the Foreign Exchange Risk Exposure to the Limit of 20% of the Regulatory Capital Requirement for Assets and Liabilities whose Transitional Regime extends to June 30, 2012.

Nov-10 Notice No. 06/2010 Update of Capital Stock for Money Exchange Bureaus.

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