Regulative and Legislative Framework



Jan-11 Presidential Decree No. 01/11 Creates the Tax Exemption Scheme on Capital Application under the National Housing Program.
Jan-11 Presidential Decree 22/11

Approves the Regulation of Cooperative Credit Societies.

Jan-11 Presidential Decree 28/11

Approves the Regulation of Micro-Credit Societies.

Fev-11 Presidential Decree No. 36/11 Authorizes the Minister of Finance to resort to the emission of Government Short Term Bonds.
Mar-11 Executive Decree No. 30/11 Approves the Opening Procedures, Moving and Closure of the General Government Accounts.
Mar-11 Presidential Decree No. 50/11 Approves Executive Guidelines for the Tax Reform.
Mar-11 Order No. 203/11 Authorizes Early Redemption of TB-LC-IPC Treasury Bonds issued with 2-year maturity.
Mar-11 Steering No. 02/2011

Exchange Policy - Changes the Procedures for Purchase and Sale of Foreign Currency at BNA Sessions.

Apr-11 Directive No. 03/2011

Calculation of Foreign Exchange Exposure.

Apr-11 Instruction No. 01/2011 Exchange Policy - Sessions for Purchase and Sale of Foreign Exchange (Revokes Instruction No. 4/2010).
Apr-11 Presidential Decree No. 64/11 Approves the Regulation of the Financial Leasing Contract.
Apr-11 Presidential Decree No. 65/11 Approves the Regulation on the Activity of Leasing Societies.
Apr-11 Presidential Decree No. 95/11 Approves the Regulation of Factoring Activity and the "Factoring" Contract.
Apr-11 Instruction No. 02/2011 Monetary Policy - Mandatory Reserves.
Apr-11 Presidential Decree no. 66/11 Approves exceptional measures of control of Taxpayers in reiterated irregularity (Derrogates provisions of Decree no. 61/04 that contradicts this diploma)

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