Regulative and Legislative Framework



Jan-16 Instruction no. 01/2016 Regulation of Clearing and Settlement Subsystems
Jan-16 Regulation no. 1/16 Investment Consulting and Financial Analysis
Jan-16 Regulation no. 2/16 Minimum capital for non-Bank Financial Institutions
Feb-16 Presidential Decree no. 40/16  Guidelines for the Strategy to Exit the Crisis Derived from the Fall of Oil Price in the International Market (revokes Presidential Decree no.56/15 of March 5)
Feb-16 Presidential Legislative Decree no. 1/16  Special Contribution on Banking Operations
Mar-16 Executive Decree no. 136/16 Framework of Tax Offices and Customs Delegations in the Structures of the General Tax Administration
Apr-16 Instrutive no. 03/2016 Angolan Payment Systems
Apr-16 Directive no. 01/DSP/2016 Mandatory Reserves
Apr-16 Instrutive no. 02/2016 Mandatory Reserves
Apr-16 Notice no. 01/16 Establishes the Terms and Conditions for Entrance and Exit of Foreign Currency (revokes Notive nr. 1/12; Notive nr. 28/12 and 4th art. of the Notive nr. 12/15)
Apr-16 Directive no. 02/DSP/16 Guarantees in Subsystems of Câmara de Compensação Automática de Angola (CCAA – Angolan Automatic Clearing House) – Parameters to Determine Penalties
Apr-16 Directive no. 01/DRO/DSC/2016 Statistical Report of Complaints
May-16 Directive no. 01/DCC/2016 Exchange Policy – Report on Foreign Exchange Operations
May-16 Law no. 5/2016 Law of Gaming Activity
Jun-16 Regulation no. 06/16 Approves the Regulation of Issuers of Securities

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