Regulative and Legislative Framework



Jun-16 Notice no. 02/16 Regulates de Calculation Methodology, Establishes the Minimum Value for Regulatory Solvency Ratio (RSR) and defines the Scope and Characteristic of the Elements of Regulatory Capital (Revokes Notice no. 5/07 September 26)
Jun-16 Notice no. 03/16 Establishes the Regulatory Capital Requirement that Financial Institutions should consider under the Risk of Credit and Counterparty Credit Risk
Jun-16 Law no. 09/16 Public Contracts Act, which established the Legal regime of their Training and Implementation (Revokes Law nr. 20/10 of September 7; the 30th article of Law no. 08/10 of August 6; the Chapter VIII of the Decree-Law nr. 16-A/95 of September 15)
Jun-16 Executive Decree no. 2/16 Creates the Fee for Mediation, Conciliation, Arbitration and Legal Advice from the Centro de Resolução Extrajudicial de Litígios (CREL - Extrajudicial Resolution Center of Disputes) and approves the respective Regulations.
Jun-16 Notice no. 04/16 Establishes the Regulatory Capital Requirement under Risk of Credit and Credit of Counterparty in Trading Portfolio (Revokes Instructive no. 6/07 September 12)
Jun-16 Notice no. 05/16 Establishes the Regulatory Capital Requirement under the Operational Risk
Jun-16 Notice no. 06/16 Establishes the General Principles under the Full Adoption of IAS/IFRS
Jun-16 Notice no. 07/16 Establishes the Requirements and Principles governing the Internal Systems of Governance Risk (Revokes Notice no. 4/06 of March 20)
Jun-16 Notice no. 08/16 Establishes the Requirements under the Interest Rate Risk
Jun-16 Regulation no. 3/16 Rules applicable to the Public Offer Prospectus of Securities and for Admission to Trading on a Regulated Market
Jun-16 Regulation no. 4/16 Regulation for Law Enforcement of AML/FT
Jun-16 Regulation no. 5/16 Regulation on Securities Offers
Jun-16 Regulation no. 6/16 Approves the Regulation of Issuers of Securities
Jun-16 Regulation no. 7/16 Regime applicable to Market Infrastructure
Jun-16 Regulation no. 8/16 Register, organization, duties and compulsory services of Credit Rating Companies

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