Regulative and Legislative Framework



Jan-12 Law No. 1/12 Act on Designation and Execution of International Legal Acts.
Jan-12 Law No. 2/12 Law on Foreign Exchange Regime applicable to the oil sector (revokes all legislation contrary to this law).
Jan-12 Notice No. 01/2012 Establishes the Terms and Conditions for Entrance and Exit of National and Foreign Currency.
Jan-12 Law No. 8/12 Law of Patronage.
Jan-12 Presidential Decree No. 31/12 Treasury Bond Issue Authorization in Local Currency for 2012.
Feb-12 Executive Decree No. 83/12 Authorization for Treasury Bills Issue for 2012.
Mar-12 Notice No. 02/2012 Deadlines for Execution of Values Transfers and Remittances ​​and the Beneficiary Funds Availability.
Mar-12 Notice No. 03/2012 Regulates the Concession and Classification of Credit Operations.
Mar-12 Notice No. 04/2012 Establishes Prudential Rules Applicable to Corporate Credit Unions.
Mar-12 Notice No. 05/2012

Rules for the Protection of the Consumer of Financial Products and Services in Angola.

Mar-12 Notice No. 06/2012 Regulates the Values Remittance Services.
Mar-12 Notice No. 07/2012 Regulates the Limit of Assets of Financial Institutions.
Mar-12 Notice No. 08/2012 Regulation on Authorization Request and Minimum Standards for Microcredit Societies to Operate.
Apr-12 Notice No. 09/2012 Regulates the Instruction of the Process of the authorization request of Microcredit Corporatio
Apr-12 Notice No. 10/2012

Regulates the Emission, Acceptance and Use of Payment Card activity.

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