Regulative and Legislative Framework



Jan-15 Presidential Decree no. 01/15 Approves the Annual Rules of Generl State Budget Execution – Revokes all legislation contrary to the provisions of this Diploma, and in particular Presidential Decree no. 232/13, of December 31.
Jan-15 Presidential Decree no. 12/15 Authorizes the Minister of Finance to issue Treasury Bills, under the terms of the articles12 to 21 of Presidential Decree no.. 259/10, of November 18, up to the limits set out in the General State Budget.
Jan-15 Presidential Decree no. 15/15 Authorizes the ~Minister of Finance to issue Treasury Bills, up to the limits set out in the General State Budget.
Jan-15 Instruction no. 01/2015 Classification of countries, multilateral development banks and international organizations
Jan-15 Instruction no. 02/2015 Methodology for Creation of Provisions
Jan-15 Notice no. 01/2015 Import, Export of Foreign Bank Notes, Coins and Traveller Checks (Revokes Notice no. 01/2014)
Jan-15 Notice no. 02/2015 Limits of Foreign Exchange Risk Exposure (Revokes Notice no. 05/2010).
Fev-15 Instruction no. 03/2015 Mandatory Reserves.
Mar-15 Instruction no. 04/2015 Procedures for Purchase and Sale of Foreign Currency – additional operational rules.
Mar-15 Presidential Decree no. 56/2015 Approves measures to tackle the current economic situation of the country.
Mar-15 Decreto Executivo no. 151/15 Establishes the composition of the Regional Tax Services
Apr-15 Notice no. 3/2015 Publicity of Financial Products and Services.
Apr-15 Notice no. 4/2015 New Kwanza Family
Apr-15 Notice no. 5/2015 Normalized Checks.
Apr-15 Notice no. 6/2015 Número Bancário Angolano (NBA – Angolan Banking Number); Número Internacional de Conta Bancária (IBAN – International Banking Account Number)
Apr-15 Notice no. 7/2015 Serviço de Compensação de Valores (SCV - Clearing System); Subsistema de Compensação de Cheques (SCC - Check Clearing System)

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