Regulative and Legislative Framework



Jan-09 Directive No. 01/DMC/09

Organization and Safety in Transportation of Values.

Feb-09 Directive No. 01/DSP/09 Changing the Rediscount Rate Calculation (25%).
Feb-09 Instruction No. 01/2009 Change in the Calculation of Mandatory Reserves.
Mar-09 Instruction No. 02/2009 Regulates the Notice No. 01/09 on the Angola Payment System.
Mar-09 Notice No. 01/2009 Classification of Clearing Chambers and Payment and Settlement Subsystems of Angola Payment System (SPA).
Apr-09 Instruction No. 03/2009 Change in the Calculation of Mandatory Reserves.
Apr-09 Instruction No. 04/2009 Changing Procedures for Purchase and Sale of Foreign Currency at the Sessions of BNA.
May-09 Instruction No. 05/2009 Changing the Limit for the Licensing of Current Invisible Operations from USD 500,000.00 to USD 100,000.00.
May-09 Instruction No. 06/2009 Changes the Calculation of the Regulatory Solvency Ratio.
May-09 Instruction No. 07/2009 Changes the Chart of Accounts (PCIF).
May-09 Instruction No. 08/2009

Changes the Calculation of Mandatory Reserves.

May-09 Notice No. 02/2009 Monetary Restatement.
May-09 Notice No. 03/2009 Opening and Operating Bank Accounts by Residents and Non-residents.
Jun-09 Notice No. 04/2009 Credit Rating (Revoked by Notice No. 4/11).
Jun-09 Directive No. 01/DGR/DSI/09 Procedures for Qualification in Currency Auctions.

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