Regulative and Legislative Framework



Sep-16 Instrutive no. 22/2016 Operational rules for Remittance Service
Sep-16 Law n. 5/16 Law of Gaming Activity (revokes Ordenance n. 517/70 October 16; item o) of paragraph 1 of article 9 of Presidential Legislative Decree n. 2/14 of October 20)
Nov-16 Instrutive no. 24/2016 Duties of enhanced due diligence
Nov-16 Instrutive no. 25/2016 Governance of credit risk
Nov-16 Instrutive no. 26/2016
Governance of liquidity risk
Nov-16 Instrutive no. 27/2016 Governance of market risk
Nov-16 Instrutive no. 28/2016 Governance of operational risk
Dec-16 Law no. 22/16 Approves the National General Budget for 2017 (Revokes Presidencial Legislative Decree no. 1/16, February 24, that approves the Special Contribution on Banking Operations)

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