Regulative and Legislative Framework



Mar-13 Instruction No. 01/2013 Report on Corporate Governance and Internal Control System.
Apr-13 Directive No. 1-DSI-2013 Accounting Registration of Foreign Exchange and Prudential Supervision of Financial Institutions.
Apr-13 Notice No. 02/2013

Regulates the Obligation to establish an Internal Control System by Financial Institutions.

Apr-13 Notice No. 01/2013 Regulates the Obligations of Financial Institutions within the Framework of Corporate Governance.
Apr-13 Notice No. 08/2013

Definition of Terms and Conditions that banking institutions must comply with in order to replace Electronic Process of Physical File of Payment Instruments in Normalized Paper.

Apr-13 Notice No. 07/2013 Regulation of the authorization process for the Constitution, Operation and Extinction of Currency Exchange Bureau.
Apr-13 Notice No. 06/2013 Regulation of Value Remittance Service carried out by Providers of Value Remittance Services.
Apr-13 Notice No. 05/2013 Establishes the Obligation to Make All Interbank Transfers as Credit operations, executed by Credit Document, through the Credit Transfer Subsystem STC or Payment System in Real time SPTR.
Apr-13 Notice No. 04/2013 Regulates the Activity of External Audit in Financial Institutions.
Apr-13 Notice No. 03/2013 Establishes the aim of Supervision in a Consolidated Base for Prudential Effects, according to the BNA Assigned Competencies.
Apr-13 Executive Decree No. 124-13 Authorizes the issuance of Treasury Bills to fund the financial execution of the 2013 General State Budget to the overall value of AOA 240,750,000,000.00, allocated to the floating debt and funded debt.
Jun-13 Presidential Decree No. 54/13 Approval of the Organic Statute of the Comissão de Mercado de Capitais (Capital Market Commission - CMC).
Jun-13 Presidential Decree No. 89/13 Changes the denomination of the Fundo Petrolífero (Petroleum Fund) established under Presidential Decree No. 48/11, of March 9, which will be called Fundo Soberano de Angola (Sovereign Fund of Angola - FSDEA), and approval of its Organic Statute.
Jun-13 Jun-13
Presidential Decree No. 108/13
Approval of the Management Regulation of the Fundo Soberano (Sovereign Fund of Angola).
Jun-13 Presidential Decree No. 107/13 Approval of Investment Policy of Fundo Soberano (Sovereign Fund of Angola) for the biennium 2013-2014.

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