Regulative and Legislative Framework



Oct-13 Presidential Decree Law No. 05/13 Approval of the Legal Framework of Securities Brokers and Distributors Companies.
Oct-13 Presidential Decree Law No. 04/13 Approval of the rules governing the Regulated Market of Transferable Public Debt, secondary market of transferable bond of national public debt.
Oct-13 Presidential Decree Law No. 06/13

Approval of the Legal System of Management Companies of Regulated Markets (SGMR) and of Financial Services over Securities.

Oct-13 Presidential Decree Law Approval of the Legal Framework for Collective Investment Undertakings (CIU).
Nov-13 Instruction No. 06/2013 Instruction No. 06/2013 has been canceled by Instruction No. 08/2013.
Nov-13 Instruction No. 07/2013 The Instruction No. 07/2013 has been canceled by Instruction No. 08/2013.
Nov-13 Notice No. 14/2013 Adjust the Minimum Capital Stock in Banking Financial Institutions.
Nov-13 Directive No. 01-DMC-2013 Amendment to the bank notes amount per bag.
Nov-13 Presidential Decree No. 189/13 Amendment of the Organic Statute of Agência Nacional para o Investimento Privado (National Agency for Private Investment - ANIP) approved by Presidential Decree No. 113/11, of June 2.
Nov-13 Instruction No. 09/2013 Establishes the value limits on Checks Issuance and Clearing Subsystems.
Nov-13 Presidential Decree No. 190/13 Amendment of Presidential Decree No. 141/13 which created the Agência Angolana de Regulação e Supervisão de Seguros (ARSEG).
Nov-13 Instruction No. 08/2013 Defines the obligation of issuing a document to proof the instruction of the transfer operation.
Nov-13 Legislative Decree No. 10/13 Approval of the Customs Tariff duties on Imports and Exports Rights, 2012 version.
Dec-13 Presidential Decree No. 214/13 Regulates Law on Designation and Execution of International Legal Acts.
Dec-13 Presidential Decree No. 232/13 Approval of the Annual Rules of Execution of the General State Budget.

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